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Whilst you can find your bliss in the confines of a yoga studio, there are many options in Australia. Connect with nature in breathtaking landscapes when you try yoga hiking. Taking your practice outdoors offers different challenges to enrich your experience. There is so much to see in Australia from the spiritual foundation in Ayers rocks to the tranquil beaches from Perth to Byron Bay. Meet other Yogi’s in Australia by downloading the YogiMixer app and turn your yoga practice into unforgettable experiences. Here are three reasons why you should try yoga hiking in Australia.

Embrace Adventure Yoga Hiking in Australia

If you are prone to heading to the same spot to practice your asanas, then change up your routine. By mixing things up with yoga hiking you will get out of your comfort zone and take your practice somewhere you may never have been before. You can explore Australia through yoga and find your bliss in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and everywhere in between. Find somewhere close to where you live that you can see in a new light. Or perhaps you want to travel around Australia and yoga hiking can enhance this experience. There are plenty of options and one example is in the Tarkine Rainforest in Tasmania. This is a remote experience that allows you to truly appreciate the wilderness around you. Disconnect from it all and embrace this tranquil setting to take your asanas to the next level.

Build Your Yogi Friendship Network

Connecting with other Yogi’s helps you build a network of like-minded individuals. Participating in yoga hiking provides another avenue to meet others. If you live in Perth, now it’s starting to get warmer you can explore your city and grow your circle. There is so much to see in Perth and Dia Yoga organises yoga hikes in the most spectacular locations including the Avon Valley, Yanchep National Park and many more. Meet other Yogis from around your area and share the hiking and yoga experience with them. This type of yoga is more social than your typical yoga class, allowing you to create meaningful connections. For tourist and locals in Adelaide, you could try JetSetGo’s Social Hike Yoga in Morialta. Walk along the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail with your tribe where you will discover the coast in all its tranquility.

Yoga Hiking in Australia Helps you Improve Your Ability to Focus

When you are in the studio, all you have to focus on is yourself and relieving yourself of the pressures of daily life. You will find that outdoors; there is no end of distractions. There could be dogs barking, people talking, and vehicles among other noises. You will learn to find your bliss while being able to handle everyday noises. If you live in Melbourne then the hustle and bustle of everyday inner-city life is second nature to you. It is hard to shut out everything that is going on around you so that you can focus on your yoga practice. However, when you participate in yoga hiking such as the Great Ocean Walk, you learn the skills to focus despite the distractions around you.

If you are ready to embark on an adventure and explore everything Australia has to offer then yoga hiking is your answer. Step out of your comfort zone and see new places, even in the city where you live. Make more Yogi friends to enhance your connection. Learn to accept external distractions and focus within to find your bliss. Discover other Australian Yogi’s to go hiking with by downloading the YogiMixer app.

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