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September 1, 2017
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If you love yoga you are spoiled for choice for places to practice in Australia. From traditional studios to simply adopting your asanas by the ocean, in the outback and everywhere in between there is something for every Yogi. Check out the Marketplace to find YogiMixer’s listings for studios and retreats in Australia and all over the world. Here are our five top picks for most epic places in Australia to practice yoga.

Find Your Bliss and Practice Yoga by the Sea

Don’t fight the urge if you find yourself drawn to the sea. It’s a great place to find your bliss and get a greater sense of relaxation. You can challenge your muscles in different ways from more traditional studio settings. It’s a sure-fire way to boost your mood and enhance your connection to the great outdoors. Yoga by the Sea at Bondi Icebergs allows you this amazing experience in the most serene setting. Take a deep breath and inhale the sea air and listen to the calming waves. After you have completed your flow you can use the Icebergs swimming pool, sauna and hot showers for the ultimate indulgent experience.

Take Your Yoga Practice to Great Heights

If you love heights, then yoga at the Sydney is not to be missed. Head up 250 metres in the sky to the observation deck and practice Hatha yoga with 360 degree views of breathtaking Sydney. These run on Wednesday mornings so that you can start off your day right. Once you have completed your session you will be presented with a nutritious breakfast so that you can make the most of the experience from up high.

Try Disco Yoga in Australia

For those that love an experience and want to try something new, Australia’s answer is Disco Yoga. Power through Vinyasa style yoga paired with a freestyle dance you can relish in the live DJ’s motivating beats. Disco yoga is for everyone and provides an atmosphere that welcomes you to the practice. The energy in the room allows you to express yourself and move to celebrate your zest for life.

Practice Yoga at Sunrise in Byron

Watching the sunrise at Byron is a magical experience that is enhanced through practicing yoga. Elements of Byron run morning yoga classes to enable you to combine your love of yoga with the amazing sunrises you can witness at Byron. Take in the landscape and iconic Byron while flowing through your asanas. The sessions take place on the grass or decking while you hear the birds awaken and the waves crashing on the shore.

Experience the Blue Mountains Through Yoga

The Blue Mountains are a sight you shouldn’t miss. The landscape is magnificent and you can walk through Eucalyptus forests, visit waterfalls and get among nature. It is the perfect place to take your yoga practice as it is so tranquil. You could simply take a mat for solo flows or there are some epic retreats and studios to explore. Iyengar Studio is one of the places you could try in the Blue Mountains. You will find a number of classes, workshops and retreats to suit your preferences. Take your inspiration from your surroundings and find your bliss.

Take your experience of yoga around Australia for some truly unique experiences. From sunrise to 250 metres in the air and everything in between, you will find something to suit you. If you are looking for inspiration, look at the current listings on our YogiMixer Marketplace.


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