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Yoga Poses

Yoga simply means union, and by practicing yoga poses together, you can develop a deeper connection with your lover. Yoga uses breathing and movement to connect your mind, body, and spirit. By involving your partner, you can strengthen your relationship. There are plenty of partner yoga poses you can try; however, we feel these are the top five to enhance your bond.

1. Try Simple Yoga Poses to Get in Touch with Your Partner’s Breathing

Start by sitting in Easy Pose (Sukhasana) facing your lover. We can often get distracted in our day to day lives so by sitting and looking at your partner you can take them in, look into their eyes and appreciate them. Then turn your focus to their breath. While placing one hand on your heart use your other hand to cover your partner’s hand that is put on their own heart. Use this moment to synchronize your breathing. Pay attention to the beat of their heart as you breathe in and out. Don’t underestimate the power of basic yoga poses such as Sukhasana to get in tune with your partner. By taking five minutes out of your day to connect you will inevitably boost your communication.

2. Practice the Seated Cat-Cow Pose to Emphasize Your Bond

Typically Cow Pose (Bitilasana) and Cat Pose (Marjaryasana) are practiced on the floor. However, by using the seated position, you can involve your partner. From Easy Pose, you can intertwine your arms to create a physical connection. Ensure you draw your shoulders back and down. Inhale to perform Seated Cat Pose simultaneously while maintaining the bond formed by your arms. Exhale into Seated Cow position. Seated Cat-Cow Pose requires you to harmonize your breathing and assists with developing trust. Yoga poses use movement to show your support for your partner on both a physical and emotional level.

3. Create Intimacy Through Partner Yoga Poses

Looking at each other is a great way to connect. However, there are yoga poses that rely on other senses to deepen your union. Try facing away from each other and adopt the Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Ardha Matysendrasana). You can still create intimacy even when seated back to back. As you both inhale, reach your arms above you. On your exhale, twist to the right and use your right hand to touch your lover’s left thigh. As you breathe more into the pose, you may be able to reach their knee or shin. Use the stretch at your level. After ten breaths, perform the pose on the other side. This is an excellent way to stretch and by involving your partner develops a deeper awareness of each other.

4. Take Downward Dog to the Next Level

Downward Dog is perfect for clearing your head. When you perform it as a partner pose in the form of Double Downward Dog, it is a great way to let go of any tensions or obstacles in your relationship. Use this pose to let go, giving you both the freedom to enjoy your life together. To achieve this pose, you will need to use communication. Begin in the Downward Dog position with one of you in front of the other. The partner in front then walks their feet and hands back along the others back until you reach your lover’s lower back. Talk to each other to achieve a steady yet comfortable position. After several breaths, your partner can carefully lower into Child’s Pose to enable you to release your feet to the floor. Keep communication open when moving through this pose to ensure your trust in one another.

5. Strengthen your Trust and Communication with Yoga Poses

To successfully perform the Flying Warrior Pose, you will need to be able to communicate effectively with your partner and have faith in them. Have your lover lie on their back with both legs raised and knees bent. Stand in front of your partner and take their hands, interlocking your fingers with theirs. Lean your hips into your lover’s feet. Your partner will need to maintain the strength in their arms for your support as he extends his legs lifting you off the ground into the Flying Warrior Pose. Yoga poses that require communication build your level of trust allowing you to achieve difficult poses on a physical level while connecting you emotionally.

Dedicate a few minutes or longer in your day to connect with your lover through yoga. By sharing your passion, you can benefit from a deeper connection by strengthening your communication and level of trust. If you are looking for someone to develop a bond with, gain access to our community of Yogi’s by downloading our YogiMixer app.

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