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Yoga has numerous benefits for many aspects of our health. A good night’s sleep is also important for our health, and certain yoga moves can help you drift off into a deep slumber. You can enjoy better quality sleep with an evening flow. Even if you suffer from insomnia you will notice the difference if you perform your asanas before bedtime. However, not all poses are equal and some are energising while others promote relaxation. For assistance with your flow sequence, check out the Marketplace for studios or virtual teachers. Here are 6 of our favourite yoga poses that help our YogiMixer team sleep soundly.

Choose Stress Relieving Yoga Moves Before Bed

There’s nothing quite like ending the day with Uttanasana. The standing forward fold allows you to take your stress and let it all go. By reaching towards the ground you will help your entire body wind down and prepare for sleep. As you hang there, your mind will calm, leaving you feeling relaxed. Breathe into the pose and release any tension you may have. You can also rock gently to relieve any pressure in your hips and legs. This yoga move also appeases the nervous system by creating space between each vertebra which enhances circulation. Taking the stress off your body provides the opportunity for you to reflect on your day and letting it go in preparation for sleep.

Relax and Improve Your Digestion with Yoga at Night

You’ll find child’s pose or Balasana is common to many yoga classes. This is due to its relaxing nature. It’s an easy yoga move that should be used by Yogis of all levels. It can be held for a long period of time so that you feel completely rested when it is time to go to bed. Not only does it calm your mind when you lay your forehead on the mat but it also aids your digestion. As your tummy rests on your thighs, your internal organs receive a gentle massage which helps to move things along. If digestive issues keep you up at night, this can be a great asana to use to counteract these problems.

Release Tension Through Yoga Before You go to Sleep

Another relaxing pose to incorporate into your bedtime routine would be Viparita Karani or up the wall pose. If you have been standing all day, this stretch is a great way to relieve tension by soothing any swelling in your feet or legs. Stretch your legs and lower back which may be tight if you have a sedentary job. You will improve your circulation and reduce your heart rate leaving you feeling peaceful and ready for a deep sleep.

Try Yoga Moves to Ensure a Restful Night’s Sleep

Connect with your inner child with the happy baby pose or Ananda Balasana. This yoga move opens the hips, stretches the inner thighs, back of the legs and groin while easing tension on the spine and sacrum. By opening the hips you can release any emotions you have been keeping in. This will elevate your mood, so you can find your bliss before entering a restful sleep. Relieve any anxiety you may be experiencing and allow yourself to feel care-free as a happy baby is. You can also use your positive affirmations to help develop your confidence and connection with yourself. After you have relieved yourself from your stresses, you will be ready to go to sleep.

Confront Your Emotional Issues with Challenging Yoga Moves

If you want a physical challenge then camel pose or Ustrasana is ideal before you go to sleep. Bending back increases your flexibility and as you grow stronger in this pose, your mind will also become more open and aware. This enables you to improve your problem-solving abilities which helps you to address any emotions. By processing your worries in this asana, you won’t be kept up with them at night. When practiced regularly, camel pose provides strong mental clarity that improves many aspects of your life.

Embrace Stillness Before You go to Sleep

Move into corpse pose or Savasana simply by lying down, closing your eyes and focusing on your breaths. You may want to practice this pose in bed as you may fall asleep. This is a great yoga move to completely relax and let go of anything you have been holding onto. The stillness of this asana ultimately prepares you for a deep sleep. Your mind and body will feel calm and relaxed and is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia. Relax your entire body in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

It’s really important for your mind and body to get a good night’s rest every night. Certain yoga moves help you to relax such as; standing forward fold, child’s pose, up the wall, happy baby, camel and corpse pose. Use a few of these asanas to feel calm and ready for a deep sleep. For expert guidance on your practice, look up virtual teachers and local yoga studios on the Marketplace.



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