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Solo yoga adventures can be fun but taking your tribe with you further enriches the experience. There are so many places to choose from as well as different journeys to take. If you are planning a yoga adventure make sure you check out the Marketplace for ideas. Here are seven adventures we feel you should take with your yoga friends.

Go on a Yoga Retreat with Your Tribe

Going on a yoga retreat can help you connect with yourself. When you take your friends along you can still do this as well as develop your connections with your friends. There are so many to choose from all around the world, however, visiting one in India, the birthplace of yoga provides a unique spiritual experience. Skylight Yoga India offers an adventure that combines yoga teacher training along with all the benefits of a retreat. Indulge in massage and therapy and take part in yoga and meditation class. The Yoga alliance recognizes the certification, ensuring you and your friends receive a world-class education. Enjoy nutritious local vegetarian cuisine and see all the sights.

Expand Your Education in Hawaii with Your Yoga Friends

If you and your yoga friends have considered learning something new then you could turn your education into an adventure. In Hawaii, you will find Hale Kai is the perfect destination for Yogi’s who are ready to learn and be inspired. You and your tribe can learn about shamanism, sustainable living or yoga therapy. Be inspired by the remote location that offers tranquility for all of its guests. It embodies sustainable living by operating off the grid by the ocean. Go snorkeling with your friends and discover the ocean. Take in the landscape and make the adventure your own. It offers a chance to connect with your yoga friends through your passion for learning and yoga. While you’re there you will enjoy fresh local fruits, vegetables, and fish along with the opportunity to embrace the local way of life. 

Take Your Yoga Friends on an Outdoor Adventure

Embrace the wilderness with your friends and take a yoga expedition in Idaho. Mix up your poses and meditation with rafting, kayaking, and hiking for the perfect combination for your next yoga adventure. In the Frank Church wilderness, you will expose you to 200 miles of river along with picturesque views, hot springs and waterfalls to explore. Who better to share the experience with than with your yoga friends? Take on the great outdoors and share your love of yoga with your circle.

Focus on Your Wellness with Your Friends

If you recognize that you and your yoga friends need to focus more on your well-being then you could take a wellness expedition. You can satisfy your need for adventure while rejuvenating from the inside out. Share this holistic experience with your tribe and appreciate the importance of self-care. With Silversea expeditions, you can experience Southeast Asia or the South Pacific aboard the Silver Discoverer dedicated to improving your well-being.

Visit the Amazon to Learn About Alternative Medicines

If you and your yoga tribe are interested in learning more about alternative medicine you can incorporate this into your adventure. Who better to experience a life changing trip with than your yoga friends? Earth Spirit Yoga Tours take you on an expedition in the Sacred Valley found in the Amazon jungle to discover traditional Peruvian medicine. Understand the practices from Master Shamans and the healing properties of plants. Find out more about the world and enhance your relationship with it. Sharing this amazing experience with your friends will give you a greater experience.

Take a Detox with Your Yoga Friends

We all need to cleanse from time to time, however, external factors can often get in the way. Turn it into a journey and invite your friends along. You could head to East Sussex in England and participate in three or five-day yoga detox retreats which will leave you feeling cleansed and relaxed. You are supported every step of the way with chefs cooking nutritious foods designed to detox the body from toxins. Prioritize your health with like-minded people by inviting your yoga friends to come with you.

Refine Your Cooking Skills in Spain

You and your yoga friends could learn more about preparing foods that will support your yoga practice to improve your body and mind. Schedule a trip where you will learn how to cook nutritious foods. Book your visit to the Canary Islands, Spain to refine your culinary skills. It will be a trip to remember and you can organize dinner parties when you get home to share your new-found skills and keep the adventure alive. Try workshops and classes to learn how to use fresh produce to create tasty and nourishing meals. Learn about nutrition and take a holistic approach to the foods you consume. Amongst workshops and yoga classes you can explore the island from the volcano to the beach.

Wherever you choose to go, share your journey with your yoga friends. You can learn new things, see new places and share new experiences to enhance your connection. To inspire your next yoga adventure, visit the Marketplace by downloading the YogiMixer app.

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