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Yoga is a great practice to have in your life due to its health benefits and the way it makes you feel. However, life can often get in the way, and we find ourselves too busy to practice. Often this is when we need it the most. By finding time for yoga, we find time for ourselves and reduce the effect the pressures of modern society can have on us. If you aren’t managing to find a chance to perform your favorite poses, head to the Marketplace and try a virtual class for inspiration. Here are eight reasons to roll out the yoga mat daily.

Practice Yoga Anytime Anywhere

You don’t need any special equipment, just stretch when you can. Take your practice indoors or outside. Find your bliss in your pajamas if rolling out of bed and onto the floor is what works best for you. It isn’t something that is static, and even if you’re traveling around the world, you can find time daily for yoga.

Yoga isn’t competitive, while you can take part in a class or partner yoga, you can enjoy the individual journey. Discover a connection with yourself because there is no need to compare yourself to anyone else. Practice daily to improve at your own pace and deepen the relationship with yourself.  Simply roll out your mat and do the poses that you recognize you need at that moment. Go at your own pace and tailor your flow to meet your own needs.

Improve Your Productivity and Sleep Soundly

Yoga increases your productivity and energy. Don’t make excuses and say that you don’t have time. It could be as simple as setting your alarm half an hour early or find a few five-minute windows in your day. You’ll find you do have the time to roll out your mat as you are more focused and finish tasks more efficiently. Taking yogic breaths increases the oxygen circulating your body allowing you the energy to take on the day.

If you roll out your yoga mat daily, you will be able to fall asleep with ease and improve the quality of your sleep. Bringing your mind to the present moment reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. You won’t be kept awake with distracting thoughts or worries.

Focus on Your Health by Rolling out Your Yoga Mat Daily

Regular yoga practice promotes health, and you’ll strengthen your joints and spine. This reduces the chance of injuries. If you are on your feet all day, you can prevent a range of shin, knee and feet ailments through daily yoga stretches. Your improved posture will lessen aches and pains as you get older and ease any tension caused by sedentary jobs. It has also been proven to reduce inflammation which is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis and fibromyalgia. There is a range of physical health benefits of daily yoga practice.

Increase your immunity and promote a healthy lymphatic system. This rids your body of toxins and improves its ability at fighting off infections. You can avoid getting the common cold that might be circulating or at least alleviate the symptoms and heal faster.

Work on Yourself Through Yoga Practice

Rolling out your yoga mat is prioritizing you. Before you can take care of anybody else, you need to make time for you. Embracing the quiet and finding your bliss provides you with more energy so you can give more of your time to others.

By regularly practicing yoga you become more open. You become less defensive and allow yourself vulnerability which allows you to embrace friendships and romantic relationships. Find others who feel the same on the YogiMixer app.

These are just eight of the reasons why you should roll out your yoga mat every day. The benefits are endless, and you can improve your body and mind by finding time each day. Download the YogiMixer app today to meet others that will inspire you on your yoga journey.


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