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Staying focused on your asanas can be difficult. It’s not enough to simply adopt the poses; you need to ensure you are completely present too. There are plenty of distractions from technology to work and even your own mind. You can’t eliminate them but you can work with them and bring more mindfulness to your yoga practice. Join your fellow Yogi’s by downloading the YogiMixer app today. Here’s how to ensure you are truly present in your next yoga flow.

Go With the Flow in Your Yoga Practice

Try not to set yourself any goals when it comes to yoga practice. In most other aspects of our lives, we set goals. Whether its achieving targets at work or a savings goal, most things are measurable. However, yoga is different and this needs to be recognized mindfully. Don’t think about what you hope to achieve in your session. These could be things such as weight loss or flexibility. However, just go with the flow and recognize what your body is feeling and which poses feel right in that moment. This enables you to get exactly what you need out of a yoga flow bringing more mindfulness to your practice.

Concentrate on Your Own Progress

If you participate in yoga class, once you enter the studio draw your focus on yourself and your own experience. This prevents you from comparing yourself to other Yogi’s. We are all at different stages and it’s important to focus on your own journey and growing at your own pace. Your yoga instructor offers different options for certain poses to be inclusive of everyone. Do what you feel comfortable and push yourself when you feel you can. There is no end goal with yoga and you should ensure you are constantly improving your own individual practice. When you enter the studio, set up your mat and get comfortable and close your eyes until the class starts. This will allow you a few moments to connect with yourself and bring a sense of mindfulness before you begin.

Let Go Through Your Yoga Practice

Some people often think that to be mindful in your yoga practice, you have to be calm, serene and free from distractions. However, this is not usually the case. Different thoughts and feelings arise as we breathe into our poses. By acknowledging and accepting them you can bring mindfulness to your practice. If you feel you should only feel calm and relaxed throughout every yoga flow then you may be setting yourself up for a lot of frustration. If you experience negative feelings during your asanas see them as an opportunity to let go of them when you exhale. If you need to rest, come back to Child’s Pose then continue when you are ready.

Make Sure You Stay for Savasana

Your class is coming to a finish and it is time to practice Savasana. Many participants start packing up their mat. Perhaps they have somewhere to be or just don’t realise the benefits of the pose. If you are one of these people, aim to stay for Savasana next time you practice yoga. You have found time to practice so you may as well commit an extra 15 minutes. Savasana allows you to completely relax and your mind and body need it. You will feel more mindful and energised when you leave. See where your mind goes and enhance your connection with yourself.

Become more mindful during your yoga practice by concentrating on your own journey and being present in your session. Connect with your feelings and use your asanas and breathing to let go of any negativity. Value the act of resting and stay for Savasana during your next flow. To connect with other like-minded individuals and businesses, explore the YogiMixer app.



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