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Yoga Instructor

So you’ve decided to become a yoga instructor? You’ll find teaching this ancient practice a rewarding career path. However, you will require help and support to get there. Don’t go it alone and try and find a friend or family member to go on the journey with you. Encouraging someone else to become a yoga teacher isn’t increasing the competition. Instead, you will have someone that you can learn with and keep you focussed. Here’s how to get certified as a yoga instructor with a partner.

Become a Yoga Instructor with Different Methods of Learning

If you have the time and there is a reputable yoga school in your area, then you might learn in person. However, for a lot of individuals, regular class times aren’t convenient and online is the only option. While studying online provides flexibility, it can be isolating. By having a partner, you can practice together. You can help each other along and check your form. Having someone else to support you gives the best chance at success.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yoga is an experience, and you will need to continue to refine your skills. When practicing outside of class hours, having a partner can help you help each other. By having a partner you can ensure there is someone on hand to:

  • Check your form and offer suggestions to improve
  • Provide you with feedback
  • Role play as a student
  • Ensure you are communicating

These advantages are mutual, and you can help your partner along too.

Keep you on track to Gain Your Yoga Instructor Certification

When studying you’ll find you will put in the time and effort initially. But other commitments can get in the way and then your study starts to suffer. Having a partner ensures you keep each other accountable. Have fun during practice yoga sessions together and retain motivation. You will enjoy the course more by having a partner to share the process. There are benefits for you as a future yoga instructor, and you will also feel good about helping someone else achieve their goal too.

Double Your Knowledge

As you are both studying yoga and working towards the same goal, you can share resources. Perhaps they have found a website, book or an article that can help expand your knowledge. You can also share what you have found too. By helping each other you create a support system for your future careers as yoga teachers.

Think of Your Future as a Yoga Instructor

If you intend to have your own yoga studio, you could work with your partner in the future. By studying with them you know they are capable and on the same page as you. You can share the financial responsibilities of studio hire and equipment. You can offer classes to compliment each other. Perhaps you are better at Restorative, and your partner is great with Ashtanga. This allows you to provide a variety of programs. If you’re a night owl and your partner prefers early mornings you can deliver a range of class times and each of you fill the times that suit.

Getting certified as a yoga instructor with a partner can be rewarding for both of you. Ensure you get lots of practice as a teacher to become successful. Share information so that you both can be the best you can be. Map out a career path that compliments each others strengths. To help grow your network of Yogis download the YogiMixer app today.

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