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Typically as Yogis, we make conscientious decisions. However, there is more we can do to live an eco-friendly life. As our natural resources are diminishing, we should make informed choices about where to buy products from, the food choices we make and our sustainability efforts. Here’s how Yogis can live a more eco-friendly life.

Consider Your Eating Habits

Think about the food that you eat. Are you purchasing locally grown produce? Where your food comes from can have an enormous impact on the environment. What you are eating can also make a difference. Be conscious of your consumption to ensure you lead a more eco-friendly life. Treat food as medicine, and you will learn to make choices that nourish your body. The Ayurvedic system promotes a wholesome diet to encourage wellness. A great resource to eat well is ‘The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook’ which contains over 200 recipes that will make you feel great. Ideally, you should follow vegetarian or vegan practices. However, if you do eat meat, try and reduce your consumption and opt for a few meat-free dishes throughout your week. Keeping livestock for consumption boosts greenhouse gases which are bad for the environment. Raising livestock also takes up over 30% of the land around the world. It is becoming less sustainable to feed the population meat.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for an Eco-friendly Life

Recycle and reuse materials if you can. However, as we are producing an incredible amount of wastage we should be making more effort to reduce. One example is paper. With the amount of technology, we have on hand now, writing in a notebook or a piece of paper is less of an essential. By reducing your use of paper, you are doing your bit to save our forests. Trees are crucial to human existence as they have the ability to turn carbon dioxide into the oxygen we need to breathe. Sometimes it is unavoidable, and you may need to use paper at work or school. You can still make a difference by using recycled paper, only using what you need and recycling the paper that you use. It uses less energy to create paper through recycling means than it takes to make it from scratch. The smallest actions can have the biggest impact.

Say No to Plastic

One use plastic bags are a waste and detrimental to the environment. Purchase a selection of canvas bags and ensure you take them with you when you buy groceries. They are stronger than the carrier bags the store typically provides you with and can hold more. Canvas bags have multiple purposes and are handy for carrying books to college or your mat and water to go to yoga. Look for foods that don’t require a lot of packaging. The less plastic you use, the better. Opt for glass containers over plastic, they are better for the environment plus you can reuse them around the home. When making purchases consider what the item is made from. If you are looking at buying a new yoga mat, look at your sustainable options. It would be wasteful to get rid of all the plastic in your home, however, start making small changes to enjoy a more eco-friendly life.

Think About Your Cleaning Regime

Sure paper towels are convenient. You just wipe and then throw them in the trash. But this is wasteful, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort to overhaul your cleaning regime. Rather than purchase paper towels that you throw away, make rags out of old clothes. When they are dirty, toss they in your washing machine with your dirty laundry to freshen them for re-use. Don’t use chemicals to clean your home. Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you spray. Try eco-friendly options. It’s easy to fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar with a few drops of pure essential oils. It will leave your home smelling fabulous while benefiting your health and environment.

Reduce Your Bills for an Eco-friendly Life

When we are cold we crank up the heating; if it’s hot, we stick on the air conditioning. It’s a quick fix that is harmful to the environment as well as making our bills soar. In winter, try a hot shower, more clothes, more blankets before considering heating as a solution. When it is necessary to put the heating on, don’t use the highest setting. As for the rest of the house, unplug any appliances, not in use. Try using a drying rack for your laundry if possible and use the cold wash function. You can enjoy lower energy bills while doing your bit for the environment. Another bill you can tackle when you lead an eco-friendly lifestyle is for water. Change your shower head to a low flow alternative. Time your showers so that you aren’t using excess water. Fix any leaky taps or shower heads as soon as possible.

Live a more eco-friendly life by being more mindful of the foods you eat and the products you buy. Ensure you reduce, reuse and recycle and don’t use unnecessary chemicals. Lower your bills and lessen your carbon footprint. If you are looking for eco-friendly products head on over to the Marketplace on the YogiMixer app.

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