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Making the switch to teaching yoga online allows people all over the world to participate in your class. This change in dynamic means you need to shift your marketing strategy to attract students. More Yogi’s are heading online for their practice to find teachers that resonate with them as well as fitting in with their schedule. Here’s how to get more students enrolled for your online yoga class.

Use Social Media to Generate Interest

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter they are all free platforms that can be used to your advantage. If you have a great strategy, you can potentially reach thousands of people across the world. Share valuable and relevant content and use it to promote your classes. Improving your online visibility is an excellent way to become a part of the online yoga community.

A Blog can Help Promote Your Online Yoga Class

Maintain a blog to share your Yogi expertise. You could also share through social media channels and email to create interest. Providing a voice for your business is an easy way to build trust and confidence in the classes that you offer. As you gain authority in the online community, you could try guest posting to increase your online presence. Putting information out there about you and your classes help to increase the number of students that attend your online yoga classes.

Offer Private Sessions

Some students prefer a one on one class. This can be achieved online to provide a personal experience. Perhaps they have concerns about their technique or need help getting started. Others require the connection private sessions offer. No matter the reason, ensure it is a viable option to draw in potential students.

Offer Variety in Your Online Yoga Classes

With a wider audience, you’ll find different students want different things out of their yoga practice. Provide a range of options from Hatha to Ashtanga or perhaps Restorative. You’ll find Yogi’s at all stages of their journey that want different things out of their sessions. Continue to learn and improve your skillset.

Work on Yourself

Establish yourself in the yoga community by prioritizing working on yourself. Practice yoga on a daily basis to bring a wealth of experience to your students. If you are authentic, this energy will draw in students. Online can seem impersonal, so you need to work extra hard to create that connection with your students. How they feel after participating in your online yoga class will be what determines whether or not they encourage their friends to join.

Provide Benefits to Your Online Students

There are a number of offers that you can use to increase your student-base including:

  • Free ebooks
  • Trial session
  • Discount on blocks of classes
  • Discounts for yoga mats, blocks or yoga clothing
  • 10% off holiday discounts

The possibilities are endless, and you should consider what resources you have available. Try a combination to see what works for your online yoga business.

If you are looking for ways to attract more students to your online yoga class, there are several ways to achieve this. At YogiMixer we have an online yoga community waiting for you to join and share your passion. Simply download the YogiMixer app, and you’re ready to connect with Yogi’s around the world.

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