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Meditation, just like yoga, is good for the body, mind, and soul. It’s a form of self-care that everyone can benefit from. However, scheduling it into your day can be tricky. Other commitments such as work, family, and friends can take over leaving no time for meditation. However, the less time you have, the more you may need it. Prioritise your self-care and regularly meditate to reap the rewards. Surround yourself with others who practice meditation by making meaningful connections on the YogiMixer app. Here we have put together five simple ways you can meditate more.

Slowly Increase Your Meditation Practice

If you are new to meditation then just start small and gradually increase. It could be that you just start with a couple of minutes of deep breaths. Research shows that it takes just 21 days to establish a habit. If you commit to your practice for this time then you will begin to meditate more. Just be patient and allow yourself the time to increase slowly. It should feel comfortable so when you easily meditate for two minutes, increase to three. When you regularly meditate, you will stop thinking about the length of time and focus on getting what you need out of the session regardless of time.

Find Windows of Opportunity to Meditate More

Meditation is great at any time of day. If you usually practice before you go to bed, don’t feel limited to this time of day. It can be done anywhere and at any time. By finding a few minutes in your day you can easily meditate regularly. There are particular times in the day that are more effective including:

  • As soon as you wake up to give you the best start to the day
  • When you feel stressed to alleviate these negative feelings
  • During your lunch break to increase your productivity
  • When you finish work to separate between your working day and recreational time

Try what works for you and don’t be too strict on your meditation times, being flexible will allow you to meditate more.

Focus on Mantras and Affirmations

Choose mantras and affirmations that you connect with. These can help you stay focused while you meditate. We can’t escape our thoughts and curiosity. So a mantra or affirmation gives your mind something to do rather than try to silence it. It could be as simple as ‘I am love’ or you could choose one of the ancient mantras such as Om Namah Shivaya which means ‘I bow to my inner self’. Your guru may give one to you or you can find one that you need at that particular moment. If your affirmation inspires you or heals you then you will continue to meditate for longer.

Increase Your Meditation by Accommodating Your Lifestyle

While it would be ideal to meditate for lengthy periods, often our modern lifestyles don’t allow for this. If you lead a busy life, then try meditating on the go. Make meditation a part of your lifestyle by trying to be mindful during your everyday activities. For example, this could be during cleaning the house or cooking a meal. While it can be beneficial to sit in a quiet spot with no distractions, this isn’t always practical. Assess the time you have and the activities that you do to fit more meditation into your day.

Use Audio to Help you Meditate More

Audio can assist with your meditation practice. This could be anything from binaural beats to soothing music or even guided meditation. If you are struggling getting started or finding difficulty with committing to your practice then this could be a great way to get you on track. You will find you the audio helps to direct your focus and you can concentrate for longer on your meditation. Once you start to experience an improvement in your well-being then you can try silence or your own mantras to meditate. Everyone’s journey is different, so try what works for you to enhance your individual meditation.

There are plenty of things you can try to meditate more. This could be as simple as saying a mantra or listening to a guided meditation. You may need to be more flexible and meditate on the go or at varying times. Remember to start slowly and gradually increase as it is a journey. To connect with other Yogis who like to meditate, download the YogiMixer app today.


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