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The festive season can get out of control with countless events, over-consumption and feeling overwhelmed at this time of year. Staying mindful may seem impossible, however, during the silly season is when you need it the most. You may need to schedule a yoga class, take a break to recharge or being conscious of how you are fueling your body. Discover the YogiMixer Marketplace for mindful Christmas shopping ideas, nourishing eateries in your area and much more to keep you on track. Here’s how to stay mindful during the silly season.

Practice Mindfulness When Buying Presents

Consumerism has led many people to believe that the way to show you care at Christmas is by purchasing lavish gifts. It is possible to buy presents for your loved ones while remaining mindful. Instead of something that requires wrapping and packaging which inevitably contributes to landfill, think about gifting an experience. If you are going to buy a product to give then make a conscious decision to minimise your impact on the environment. However, it is not enough to simply purchase eco-friendly gifts, you also need to be present in your decision. Find something you think they will like and conveys the right message from you at this time of year. Don’t simply purchase something because you feel you have to give at Christmas.

Eat Nourishing Foods

With so many delicious foods to eat during the silly season, it’s important to eat mindfully. Listen to your body and only eat when you need to eat. Ensure everything you put in your mouth is fuelling your body. Use meals as an opportunity to connect with others. Christmas is a time where you come together with family and friends and sharing food together can be a great way to deepen this connection. Eat slowly and enjoy every morsel you are putting in your mouth. Be Crateful have a delectable range of vegan hampers to enjoy over the Christmas break.

Find Time to Move

Whether it’s a mindful walk or a few yoga poses, you should ensure you make a conscious effort to keep moving. With the Australian summer in full swing, it’s the ideal time to head to the beach or local park for some fresh air and gentle exercise. If you have travelled to be with family then it can be a great way to make time for yourself and stay mindful. A walk can provide a small break to allow you to recharge in nature. If you’ve been sitting around a lot, catching up with family and friends over the silly season, try some yoga poses to reconnect with your body. Practicing yoga in the morning helps to set you up for the day, especially when you are out of your regular routine.

Create Something to Help you Stay Mindful

If you are creative but struggle to find time in your everyday life then you should make use of your Christmas break. This could be anything including pottery, painting, candle making, sewing, quilting, knitting, drawing or baking. These activities draw your focus to the task at hand and you become more present. As long as you choose something you enjoy then it will feel therapeutic to have found time to do something you love. You could make something for a loved one or someone you think could benefit from your craft. It doesn’t cost a lot and it allows you to bring joy to others which is really what Christmas is all about.

Stay Mindful with a Journal

You could jot down in your journal a couple of things you wish to achieve that day. This could be something such as meditating for five minutes or performing one random act of kindness. Pick small things that are doable so you feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. It will give your silly season a purpose which in turn helps you stay mindful. You can return to your journal at night and write down three things you are grateful for or what brought joy to your day. This will enhance your sense of wellbeing. Plus gratitude is a mindful practice which will bring you back to what is important.

There are a few simple things you can do to stay mindful during the silly season. This could be anything from exercise to keeping a journal. Engage in mindful activities and eat foods that fuel your body. Choose presents that don’t harm the environment such as eco-friendly products or experiences. For mindful gift purchases head to the Marketplace to support conscious-minded businesses.



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