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All Yogis have different preferences as to where they like to take their yoga practice. Some enjoy the atmosphere and familiarity of a studio, while others find their bliss at home. Then there are those who like to take their asana’s outdoors. It’s such a flexible exercise that you can take it anywhere you choose. The beach is a great spot to take your yoga practice as it provides a unique experience. If you are looking for classes on the beach or yoga retreats on the coast, explore the YogiMixer’s Marketplace. Here’s why we believe you should take your yoga practice to the beach.

Embrace the Natural Setting of the Beach

In the studio or at home we often use nature tracks to help calm our mind. However, what is better than the real thing? When you set up your mat on the beach, close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves crashing. You will soon get in tune with the rhythm of the ocean and find your bliss. When you take your yoga practice to the beach you will feel a deeper connection to the environment around you. This will leave you feeling revitalised by the natural rhythm of the tide.

Deepen Your Yoga Practice at the Beach

For experienced Yogis looking for a challenge, the beach can help take you to the next level. Classes and your home provide flat surfaces for you to practice on. However, when you are at the beach, you also need to navigate the sand. Every time you move, you will have to work harder to find your balance with the asana and the sand. Working with the uneven surface will help make you stronger in your practice as well as your connection with the earth.

Breathe in Fresh Salty Sea Air

When you adopt your asanas, a significant part is to work on your breathing. Deep breaths enhance our yoga practice, body, mind and soul. Instead of taking in airconditioned air, roll out your mat on the beach and breathe in the fresh, salty air. Sea air is charged with negative ions that increase our ability to absorb oxygen. Breathing in these negative ions also balances your levels of serotonin which improves your mood and reduces your feelings of stress. The benefits of yoga are greatly enhanced by breathing in sea air.

Embrace Change by Taking Your Yoga Practice to the Beach

Practicing yoga every day is a great habit to have. However, if it becomes routine you could be hindering your progression. When you practice yoga at the beach, you can try different beaches, day and times. Start the day with asanas at sunrise or end your day with poses at sunset depending on where you are based. Use the sun’s heat to intensify your experience. Or head towards the ocean when it is raining for a cleansing session. At the beach, you can create different vibes relating to what you need at that present moment.

Improve Your Focus by the Sea

At home or in the studio you can control the noise, lighting, temperature, etc. and create a controlled environment free from distractions. However, at the beach, there are plenty of things that can disrupt your flow. The sound of a fly buzzing or cloud cover may present a challenge to your session. These interruptions can strengthen your practice. You will need to work extra hard to maintain your focus despite everything going on in your surroundings. It will help to open your mind.

If you haven’t taken your yoga practice to the beach yet, we highly recommend it. You will enhance your connection with nature, increase your strength, mood and focus. You can practice your asana’s solo, or take a class or retreat by the sea. If you are looking for classes or places to visit, head over to the Marketplace.



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