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Yogi guide to eating out

Eating mindfully and yoga practice goes hand in hand. When you start eating like a Yogi, you may find it’s hard to find vegetarian, vegan and ayurvedic options around Australia. There are some great places to eat that are Yogi friendly and some nutritious and delicious options if you know where to look. To share your Yogi friendly eatery with the yoga community, place a listing on the YogiMixer Marketplace. Here’s our Yogi guide to eating out in Australia.

Know Your Healthy Eating Choices

If you have the choice, you should choose a restaurant that you know has healthy options. There are plenty of vegetarian, vegan and raw eateries that cater for Yogis. If you are in Canberra, try Kingsland Vegan Restaurant for meat-free Vietnamese cuisine. Dine at Shoku Iku in Melbourne for raw wholesome food. Darwin Yogis can enjoy vegetarian breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at Table Forty Three. No matter where you are in Australia, there will be restaurants and cafes that cater to your dietary requirements. If you own a business that caters to Yogis, check out the Eat Drink section in the YogiMixer Marketplace. It makes it easy for the yoga community to find nutritious venues in their area.

Be Mindful When Eating Out in Australia

If you eat mindfully at home, this shouldn’t change when you dine elsewhere. Don’t order too much and sometimes you may wish to pick an entrée size if they give generous servings. Try and avoid places that serve buffets as this typically encourages you to consume more than usual. Eat intentionally and savour every mouthful. Pause to enjoy conversation and relish every aspect of the eating out experience, not just the food. As you eat slowly, make sure you listen to your body. If you are full then don’t continue to eat simply because it is on your plate. Some places may allow you to take your leftovers home to enjoy later.

Follow the Yogi Guide to Eating Out for Wholesome Foods

When you are perusing the menu, consider how they cook the meal. For example, if something is deep-fried, you know it isn’t going to be nutritious. Raw or steamed food will retain the nutrients which will benefit your body. Feel free to ask questions and check which oil the chefs use to cook your food. For Sydney Yogi’s, try Friggitoria. There is something for everyone, offering Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with plenty of vegetarian options. Fresh, rustic food like this is the way to go when you are eating out. If you have any questions about the way they prepare your food, simply ask.

Maintain the Social Aspect of Eating Out

If you are meeting with friends or family that don’t share the same approach to diet you can still eat well. If they have picked the venue, find an option that most aligns with your way of eating. You can be selective and ask for any sauces or dressings to be put on the side or omitted. Eating out is a social ritual and you should spend it with the people you care it. Don’t avoid eating out simply because your loved ones don’t enjoy the same foods as you do. Enjoy the experience for what it is; an opportunity to connect. While it is important to eat foods that fit in with your Yogi lifestyle, it shouldn’t prevent you from being in the moment. Consciously appreciate those around you and strengthen your bond through conversation.

No matter where you live in Australia, you will find dishes that align with your eating style. When you practice yoga, you become more mindful over what you put in your body and where it comes from. Find raw, vegan and vegetarian cafes and restaurants all over Australia. When you follower our Yogi guide to eating out in Australia you can support your conscious eating. If you own a café or restaurant you feel would benefit the yoga community, head over to the Marketplace.

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